Griffin AirStrap 360 for iPad Mini 5/4 Black


AirStrap 360 makes using your iPad easier, safer and more enjoyable, whether you’re using it at work, school or home. Slip your hand under the strap on the back—it hugs your hand making it easy to hold your iPad while leaving your other hand free to use your touchscreen display. The frame that grips your iPad rotates 360 degrees to give you the best viewing angle with the most natural position of your hand. And it defends too—AirStrap 360 protects against 3-foot (.8-meter) drops onto concrete while raised edges around the screen protect the display from scratches when you lay your iPad facedown on a table or desk.
- Protects against 3-foot (.8-meter) drops onto concrete
- Rotates 360 degrees for the most comfortable viewing angle
- Protects device edges, controls and ports
- Contoured edges are easy to grip