Mac Repair Services

WestWorld Computers Ltd

WestWorld offers Apple Authorized Repair services for both in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs.  

Mac Repair Service Labour

  • Base Mac Repair Services, includes hardware diagnostic and software repair - $105
  • Parts installation Mac - if your repair requires parts, labour for installation of parts are $52.50. 
  • Accidental Mac damage diagnostics, including liquid and physical damage - $150
  • Data Recovery Services - Data recovery services are $150 if successful, with a minimum service charge of $52.50 for the attempt.
  • Data Transfer Services - Data transfer from a properly working drive, to a new one - $52.50.
  • Minor Services - RAM upgrades, password resets, keycap & foot replacements, minor software assistance - $35 per incident. 

Service rates may be pro-rated and adjusted based on individual job requirements.